Let's go to Brazil together!

March 10-21, 2023 (8 places)/2400$

THE BEST Brazilian experience. Exclusive locations. The best route.

The most contrasting country on the planet in 12 days.

What'll we do?

  • We will see the largest waterfall in the world
    Iguazu is the most powerful waterfall complex in the world. And this is one of the natural wonders of the world.

  • We will discover Brazilian cuisine
    The most delicious steaks in the world are prepared in the churascarias of Brazil. And we will definitely try the national dishes: Brazilian sushi and Brazilian pizza!
  • We will enjoy the views of Rio de Janeiro
    Rio is the only city in the world listed by UNESCO for its unique natural and urban landscape. So, it can be called the most beautiful city on the planet!
  • We will visit real favelas
    There are slums in Brazil that are still controlled by the real mafia. And we're going there!
  • We'll take a walk around Sao Paulo
    This city is called New York in Latin American. In Sao Paulo, you can see beggars and millionaires, colonial architecture and skyscrapers nearby. This is a city that amazes the imagination!
  • We will go up to the famous statue of Jesus Christ
    This is the main and most famous symbol of Brazil. One of the seven wonders of the world.
  • We will relax on the paradisiacal beaches by the Atlantic Ocean
    Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon are the most famous beaches on the planet, and we will rest on them. And we also rent a ship just for us to go on a trip to the islands.
  • We will take a walk through the old streets of the colonial city
    Paraty is a city that has preserved its colonial appearance to the present day. While walking through the cozy streets of this town, you can feel yourself in that era.
  • We will get acquainted with street art
    Street art is a lifestyle for many Brazilians. The staircase of Selaron and the largest mural in the world are proof of that. But we will see even more.
The format of our journey
We are going on a Brazilian trip with a small company. And I hope that at the end of the trip we will all become friends!

Together we will experience the TOP of the brightest Brazilian adventures. We will visit exclusive places where tourists are not usually taken! This is a reliable route, tested many times!

During the trip we will cover several thousand kilometers by planes, buses, cars and boats. Our route will pass through the most contrasting cities of Brazil and the most amazing natural objects. It will be a real adventure!
Evgeny Zolotukhin
Journalist, blogger, traveler and photographer
I have never used the services of guides and travel agencies, because I like to create my own trips, I like to solve logistical difficulties, find people and understand how life works in a new country. Now I am ready to use my experience and knowledge to help you discover this wonderful world. That's why we're flying to Brazil! I am creating this trip not only for you, but also for myself, because I get great pleasure from this process!

Before offering this trip, I checked everything personally and I can confidently say that it's worth it. This is an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime!





6 reasons to go to Brazil with us
  • 1
    The program is developed down to the details
    In 12 days of travel, we will see the maximum of places and get the maximum experience.
  • 2
    No additional charges
    Absolutely all activities are already included in the price.
  • 3
    Personal attention
    We always have a small group. No big buses, no boring tourist guides. It's not about us.
  • 4
    Contrasting impressions
    The concrete jungles of cities will replace the jungles of the Amazon. The richest posh areas will contrast with the impoverished favelas.
  • 5
    Delicious cuisine
    Brazilian cuisine is unique. Steaks, pizza, sushi, Acai berry ice cream. We know the best restaurants and all this is waiting for us.
  • 6
    The country is vaccinated and open to tourists
    In Brazil, almost 95% of the population has been vaccinated.
What are the dates of the trip?
How much does the tour cost?
March 10-21, 2023
The cost of travel
(until 31.12.2022)

The program can be changed (it is possible to swap days with each other). But the whole program will be completed.

Complete the form and we will contact you to tell you the details.
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